Jobs most likely to be disrupted by the advance of AI

The jobs that are most likely to be disrupted by AI are those that involve tasks that can be automated. Some examples include:

  1. Data entry and data processing jobs
  2. Customer service and support jobs
  3. Telemarketing and telemarketing research jobs
  4. Manufacturing jobs that involve repetitive tasks
  5. Jobs in transportation and logistics, such as truck driving
  6. Bookkeeping, accounting, and payroll jobs
  7. Jobs in the finance and insurance industries
  8. Retail jobs, such as cashier positions

It’s important to note that while AI may automate certain tasks within these jobs, it is also expected to create new job opportunities in fields such as AI development, data analysis, and cyber security. Additionally, some jobs that are not easily automated may still be impacted by AI as it changes the way work is done and the skill sets required for certain positions.

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